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Plugin XDSR HD

Release Note;   McasUpdated for TNT Astra, SRG/SSR patch Viaccess   XcamClient2 Cccam, ...

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Receiver Software

Phoca Download

Firmware Updates for Receiver only !

Instruction to Update the Software by USB

1. Copy the software file .IRD to USB ( don't keep the software file in folder, it should be in USB ROOT)

2. Connect the USB to Receiver and wait for Few seconds, a window will pop-up showing the software file, Press the RED key to start download, however download finished and receiver updated then Receiver will Reboot itself with newly installed software



Version 2.10.67 June 27 2012


1. Software download from online server : Updated

- Software can be download from server in the backgroung,( you can continue watchiing TV while software is being download from server)

- After downloading completed, windows will pop-up asking you to update software Now / Install before Turn OFF

Note:- You should keep the USB/HDD connected to receiver for Online Software Update !!!

2. Internet Radio+ / RSS URL server download : Supported

3. Enhanced Weather Forecast : Updated

- Some areas that cannot load weather data are removed

4. RSS News URL Server upgrade : Supported

5. Upgrade Internet Radio+ : Upgraded

- Total number of URL list : 100 -> 200 increased

- Overlap checking for URL list

- Deleting URL list separately

- Deleting URL list All by hot key

6. Playlist Path bug : Solved

- When connected with Internal HDD and External USB, shows wrong play list path : Solved

7. Serach by Russian language in YouTube : Supported

8. While downloading FDU (Channel List) Receiver Hangup : Solved

9. Satellite Renamed in Arabic or Persian does not show  : Solved

10. Downloading process is failed from the server : Solved

11. Iran and Syria cities in weather forecast list : Added

12. Daylight Saving time IRAN : added


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